The main aim is to address the social and health challenges such as isolation, loneliness, social and digital exclusion, mental health issues, lifelong learning opportunities and distress through a dual volunteering system where young people will offer their support to seniors and seniors will offer their mentoring skills. The project aims to bridge the generation gap and promote active ageing.

The project’s goal is to support the mental wellbeing of seniors, promote intergenerational solidarity and social inclusion of seniors in the digital age. This will be achieved by design, development, pilot-testing and offer of IT solutions (as web platform and mobile application) and with promotion of new adult education opportunities, particularly for adults with a low level of skills, knowledge and competences.

The project will develop a programme that targets adult educators and professionals working directly with seniors.  The programme will develop digital pedagogical tools and expertise for Adult Educators, including accessible and assistive technologies and the creation and innovative use of digital education content.

The project will support local learning environments and community e.g. care homes, NGOs, senior associations, adult training centres etc. to promote social inclusion, civic engagement and offer everyone in the community lifelong learning opportunities, also by exploiting digital technologies.