Associação Paredes pela Inclusão Social


The Association Paredes for Social Inclusion (APPIS) was created in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurs (42) that pretended to give their contribute and demonstrate their social responsibility for social inclusion by the education. In this moment the association has 9 professionals. The core business is work in social inclusion through education. The association is dedicated to activities that rises the skills of students and their families in order to scholar success. The strategic objective of APPIS is fighting school failure and school dropout through the prevention and remediation of risk factors and by inducing external factors of success.

After finishing the studies we help students to find opportunities for doing work traineeships in the country or abroad in order to help then to be find employment opportunities. Some of the enterprises are also available for some periods of traineeship in different fields. Our mediators teach students how to do a curriculum; how to prepare an interview and to find jobs opportunities among other interesting topics related with employability.

Additionally, APPIS also developed in 2010 and 2011 a project called Prevent Paredes that aims to prevent risk behaviours and to promote healthy habits of life and since 2015 is developing a reinsertion project that aims to give new opportunities for those you have addicted behaviour, to find a job e being inserted in the society autonomously and a minimum quality of life.

The Paredes for Social Inclusion Association intends to constitute itself as a response of proximity, for different social problems applying innovative methodologies and projects, valuing the change through education. Because of that APPIS works in different fields of intervention: Socio-educational intervention; Prevention of risk behaviors; Promoting healthy lifestyle habits; Promoting school success; Family training; Reinsertion of individuals.

As the target audience of APPIS is people in a situation of socio-economic vulnerability, APPIS always values gender equality, the integration of diversity (in its multiple manifestations) and intercultural dialogue in its intervention.

APPIS has the opportunity to participate in an Europe for Citizens project EU CAN: European Counter and Alternative Narratives Network, that Works the thematic of the integration of migrants, social dialogue, integration of diversity and so on.

APPIS has experience in international projects both as coordinator and partner.


Paulo Jorge Silva, President of Direction 
Albano Silva, General Secretary 
Pedro Pinto, Treasurer


Alexandra Teixeira 
TM: 00 351 96 722 91 77