Municipality of Agios Dometios (Δήμος Αγίου Δομετίου)


Ayios Dhometios was founded as a Municipality in 1986 and is a district in the west of Nicosia. The largest part of the Municipality area, 4/5, has been under Turkish occupation and since then, Ayios Dhometios is considered as border
municipality, following a course of underdevelopment and marginalization. In May 2003, the biggest checkpoint in Cyprus, connecting the area controlled by the Republic of Cyprus with occupied areas, was established in Ayios Dhometios. A large number of economic migrants live in the borough, together with persons from low income classes, mainly because of the low rents in the area adjoining the UN buffer zone. Every year there is a reduction in the number of pupils in the municipality schools, 50% of the pupils belong to different ethnic groups (TCN), while another substantial percentage of pupils belong to vulnerable groups.
According to the Cyprus 2011 population census conducted by the Statistical Service of the Ministry of Finance, the population of the Municipality was 12.456 people Local Clubs – Schools and Scouts 10 clubs are operating in the area of the Municipality, running cultural and sport activities mostly for the youth. There are 3 preschools. 3 Elementary schools and 1 High School in the area. There are also three Scout Systems in Ayios Dhometios. Hippodrome (Horse Racecourse) Horse racing has been revived in Cyprus singe the end of the 19th century. The Nicosia Horse Racing Club is the only organization in Cyprus authorized to organize horse races in the island. The Hippodrome of Ayios Dhometios was established in 1940 and it is the only horse racecourse in Cyprus. The operation of the race course is an economic resource, but at the same time it creates disturbance, promotes gambling and a general disturbance to the citizens. Municipality Services Municipality’s Services Include: Citizen Service Office, Secretariat, Department of Technical Services, Department of Financial Services, Department of Public Health & Hygiene Services, Department of Cultural & Social Services, Youth Center, Municipal Library, Municipal Sport Center, Multifunctional Center – social programmes for children and elderly. It has social and sports infrastructures aimed at providing services to upgrade the quality of life of citizens. Due to its large number of Third Country Nationals, its primary concern is the integration of these people in Agios Dometios community and generally in Cypriot society. The services provided by the Agios Dometios Municipality are target to cultivate the acceptance of diversity and the fight against xenophobia and racism. The Agios Dometios Municipality, until today, has collaborated with many other Municipalities, organizations and services for the Integration of Immigrants and the implementation of European and Local programs, especially concerning Third Country Nationals. Providing social support and orientation services, creating opportunities for participation in cultural events, sports activities and other forms of interaction with the local community, facilitating and enhancing networking and collaboration between associations and informal groups of TCNx with Local Authority agencies and other local organizations, Greek language courses, are some of the actions and services offered by the Municipality of Agios Dometios.



Dr Costas Petrou


Ekaterine Papaeftychiou
Social Worker