PROJECT RESULT 1: Building the STRONG2GETHER Programme​

Further to the preliminary research conducted by the partners in preparation for the proposal, a more consistent survey using qualitative and quantitative methods will be applied in order to map, record and present efforts at the local, regional, national or EU level to support seniors. The main aims of this research were to compare and identify good practices, needs and gaps in the 6 countries, European civic engagement schemes supporting seniors’ digital inclusion.
Once each national research is completed, the consortium will proceed to the establishment of a dialogue between partners for Peer Reviewing, in order to analyze each countries’ findings and proceed to the development of the Handbook-Methodology on which the STRONG2GETHER PROGRAMME will be based on (on-line and off-line) and will be offered by organizations with the involvement of seniors and Young People as Volunteers.


Start Date: 01/01/2022 End date: 31/07/2022
Leaders and Co-leaders: Associação Paredes pela Inclusão Social (P1) and
Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica (P3)