PROJECT RESULT 4: STRONG2GETHER TOOL KIT: From the grass root community level programme to the national and EU level

The final project result (PR4) of the STRONG2GETHER project, includes the creation of STRONG2GETHER Tool Kit, which will be used by organizations to thoroughly guide them through the adaptation of the programme. The principal objectives of PR4 are to outreach young people and seniors to use the programme, launch the STRONG2GETHER Campaign through an Info-Day, set up synergies with organizations that are active in the field of adult training and specific working for seniors’ wellbeing. The Tool Kit will function as the guidebook for the implementation of STRONG2GETHER and will provide an analysis of the results and the implementation process of the project to external audience.The TOOL KIT will include:


Start date: 01/09/2023 End date: 30/04/2024
Leaders and Co-leaders: Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica (P3) & ZDUS - ZVEZA DRUSTEV UPOKOJENCEV SLOVENIJE (P7)